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Initially she did not care about her appearance, resorting to wear even raider armor as protection despite the dangers of appearing as one.And then, when I am too broken to go on, I will float my dying body right down the throat of the darkness and make it choke on me.

Mach refused, once he realized Littlepip and the Stable Dweller were the same pony, as she was his inspiration for leaving the Enclave in the first place.Blackjack later saw Littlepip again, when she was heading into Maripony to assassinate The Goddess.

Despite her initial confusion towards the strange mare, Blackjack quickly befriended her through the use of snack cakes and protected her as they journeyed through the facility.This is her final body where she remained for the next two hundred years, unable to age.

Blackjack uses a Marksman Carbine for intermediate engagements and spotting, and used a deadly-sharp Dragon Claw in pony-to-pony engagements.Due to this, she knew more about his past than the rest of the group.PipBucks - Blackjack started out wearing a standard PipBuck with an amber HUD.Despite coming from a peaceful Stable and possessing no prior weapons training, Littlepip becomes skilled with all kinds of small guns through necessity and uses her S.A.T.S. with noteworthy prowess and to great advantage during combat.

EC-1101 itself, as it turned out, was the key to every secret project Equestria had going during the war.He turned his gun on Blackjack and the zebras, gunning each and every single one of them down before fleeing.It is unknown if they are an element of her increasingly powerful telekinetics or if they are completely new spells.In response, he set a fifty thousand cap bounty on Blackjack, one hundred thousand if she was brought in alive.Prior to their meeting, SteelHooves had known Littlepip as the valorous Stable Dweller.Blackjack would lose Morning Glory, who died of injuries sustained while fighting Cognitum, though Luna would reunite with Princess Celestia.They merged, Blackjack ascending into an alicorn as she and Luna essentially became one and the same.

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The sword was lost when Blackjack nearly lost power mid flight and had to teleport herself and Boo the last 20 feet to the top of Shadow Bolt Tower.

While on the tracks, however, they had another encounter with U-21 while Blackjack was in a memory orb.Dragon Claw - An ancient fossilized bone of an ancient dragon, found within the Hoofington Natural history museum.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and.With the help of the non-raider resident, Blackjack saved the Stable.Her mental state deteriorated considerably after undergoing cybernetic augmentation, as she feels she is no longer fully alive.It was as Blackjack was being thanked by the freed zebras, however, that Lancer showed his true colours.

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She also had an encounter with Littlepip, who would later forget Blackjack due to erasing her memories in order to face the Goddess.

Shortly after their encounter with the Crusaders, Blackjack and P-21 found their way to an old Weather Monitoring Station, where some malfunctioning robots had slaughtered a group of strangely under-armed Enclave pegasi.Through continued exposure to Taint, Littlepip has gained a few mutations, although their exact effects are unknown.Littlepip is often mentioned on the radio by her various titles, chronicling her various exploits.The image used on this page is the most common fan depiction, and is based only on conjecture.Littlepip fell into an addiction to Party-Time Mint-als, which gave her increased perception and awareness, but the withdrawals led her to lash out at her friends, and Velvet Remedy was forced to paralyze her and drag her to a rehab clinic to be treated for it.

She was left quite disturbed by her situation, and her rape aboard the Seahorse.This led to her using Folly for the final time to destroy the HMS Celestia, which the traitorous ranger Steel Rain was using to bomb the Hoof, and Blackjack was left blind and immobile.Though Littlepip is often unable to account for Xenith in combat due to their vastly different fighting styles, Littlepip absolutely trusts in Xenith to back her up.With Lancer, and with the help of a mare named Dusty Trails, Blackjack infiltrated the town and killed Gorgon.Also added to her new body were Cybernetic Wings, with ruby levitation talismans allowing flight, albeit horribly.Despite her ineptitude with magic, her family has a history of natural magical talent, with her mother being a master of her security spells and at least two of her stable-dwelling ancestors having learned teleportation, along with her biological ancestor Twilight being both the former pupil of Princess Celestia and the Ministry Mare in charge of Arcane Science.Blackjack learned that Lacunae had been observing her for some time, explaining the mysterious figure Blackjack had sometimes seen following her.

They defeat the foals, and Blackjack is forced to give them a mercy killing.Her horn is smaller than most unicorns, something she is rather sensitive about.When Rampage has a momentarily lapse of sanity, it is often Blackjack who must put several bullets into her skull to try and keep her from killing innocent ponies.Bouillotte (Biological daughter) -unicorn, with pale blue hue, manes were striped black and blue.Star Metal Sword - Blackjack wields a sword she picked up in the Hoofington Natural history museum on the second trip through.Blackjack saved Glory and fought her way out, though Operative Lighthooves escaped.

Even if it means dashing myself against the evil and cruelty of this wasteland until there is nothing left of me.Throughout her time in the stable she continually felt her inadequacies compared to her mother and had great difficulty bonding with anypony due to the intimidating nature of her future role as head of security.She has a marefriend, Homage, and has possessed a long-term crush on Velvet Remedy from fillyhood.However, the raider virus had also managed to infect the remaining dwellers, so Blackjack rescued the only non-infected infected dweller, Scotch Tape, and pumped chlorine into the Stable to kill the rest.She had great difficulty in acquiring a Twilight Sparkle statuette, finding fake Twilight statuettes on more than one occasion.Blackjack finds out that the two zebras she had traveled with also made it to Chapel, and had settled down there.Blackjack was revived in Tenpony Tower, having been turned into a Cyberpony.Pages with broken file links, Fallout Equestria Project Horizons, Fanfic, My Little Pony:. Borders on Continuity Porn when Blackjack meets LittlePip.Initially, Littlepip was overwhelmed by the outside world, unaware of the sheer harshness of the wastelands.

Blackjack was able to convince her friends of what happened, and they set off to defeat the rogue AI.Zodiac felt that the stealth model of legs were insufficient to handle her endeavors.Her guilt for her actions (both before and after entering the Wasteland) is so great that she has suffered a mental breakdown on more than one occasion.Her mind and soul are transferred from her augmented body to a clone of her original body (ie. no augmentations or taint mutations) grown from a Blank.

In an interview with fan website Equestria Daily, Somber was originally going to have Blackjack be killed off by the end of Chapter 33 while Rampage and Scotch Tape continue where she left off.Blackjack was being controlled by Unity who were going to use Blackjack to assassinate Littlepip, should she double-cross the Goddess.Before she knew it, Blackjack had subconsciously favored Glory in many situations.Blackjack reached Cognitum, only to find that Princess Luna had forced the AI out and taken full control.